The Artifacts: Enterprise Architecture and its associated disciplines, by describing the operation of your organisation through a set of inter-related artifacts, helps you better understand its complex structure with a view to more efficiently achieving your current and future objectives. It provides the knowledge and agility to optimally plan every business change and react to market opportunity and challenge.

By adopting a simple and pragmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture (EA) that’s right for you, we’ll help your organization benefit from:

  • Greater agility
  • Operational efficiency
  • Informed business change
  • Aligned business and IT functions
  • Improved interoperability, standardization and integration
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced costs
  • Secure and compliant technology
  • Reduced technical risk

Our architecture services

Enterprise Architecture (EA) combines the expertise of business, system, data, technology and solution architects with a structured methodology to develop a set of prioritized, aligned initiatives and a roadmap to guide you towards where you want to be. We offer the following catalogue of Enterprise Architecture services.

Set up Architecture Services (EA) capability

Like any other business capability, Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability requires process (methodology), people (architects) and systems (EA Management tools), effectively coordinated to enable you to maximize the value of investments, pro-actively identify opportunities to gain business benefits, and manage risk.

CellVTX can work with you to:

  • Select and tailor TOGAF, an open-source methodology for developing Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  • Set up and facilitate a cross functional architecture board to govern Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy.
  • Set up and facilitate architecture compliance reviews.
  • Conduct an architecture maturity assessment and enable you to reach your targeted maturity level.
  • Use an architecture skills framework to shape an architecture team tailored to your needs.
  • Review and select an Enterprise Architecture (EA) management tool to enable collaboration, communication and control of Enterprise Architecture (EA) artifacts.
  • Adopt an architecture definition language such as Archimate to model process, functions, systems and technology.

Business Architecture

According to the Open Management Group, Business Architecture defines the structure of an enterprise in terms of its governance structure, business processes, and business information, enabling you to align strategic goals and objectives with decisions regarding products and services, partners and suppliers, organization capabilities and key initiatives.

Our Business Architecture teams use a capability driven approach to:

  • Understand root causes behind complex business challenges.
  • Build strategies with a clear view of business impacts.
  • Drive coherent business and IT transformation strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture defines the structure, behaviour and other views of the systems used to support an enterprise.

Our System Architecture teams use a structured approach to:

  • Model enterprise systems, their behaviour, key components, cost to operate and maintain reliability and other important system views.
  • Review current system architecture, identify system gaps, recommend strategies for improvement and produce roadmaps to implement change.
  • Rationalize application portfolios based on value provided by each application.
  • Govern and operate a selection process with a view to buying systems to support business needs.
  • Recommend and govern an effective integration approach supporting minimal dependency and increased reusability between systems.
  • Execute Proofs of Concept to assess emerging technologies and help with decisions on complex technology adoptions.

Data Architecture

Effective data management ensures accurate and relevant data, and hence valuable information on which business decisions should be based.

Our Data Architecture teams use standard approaches to:

  • Create a model of data entities to understand data flows, data storage, data quality and data gaps.
  • Set up and facilitate governance of data.
  • Define strategy for data ingestion, validation, processing, storage and analysis.
  • Produce a roadmap to implement defined data strategy.
  • Help with navigation through confusing and complex data management technologies.

Technology and solution architecture

Solution Architecture is a practice that leverages Enterprise Architecture artifacts to define implementable solutions to meet business goals and needs.

Our experienced team of Solution Architects will help you to:

  • Understand business needs and combine appropriate technologies to achieve a solution to your business problems.
  • Document proposed solutions from different viewpoints depending on stakeholder concerns.
  • Govern the implementation of the chosen solution.
  • Execute PoCs to assess solution viability and mitigate risk.
  • Evaluate new technologies with a view to separating hype from reality.

Our enterprise architecture service approach

Enterprise Architecture Program Enablement

Our service starts with an assessment of the existing Enterprise Architecture Program against a Reference EA Operating Model and a Maturity Model. Based on the objectives and needs of the customer, a roadmap towards a target maturity level is developed. We help establish the program with:

  • Starter repository of architectural principles, standards and artifact templates
  • Enterprise Architecture processes, including governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Optionally offer an innovation lab to help in keeping up with technological advancements
  • Support the path to the desired maturity by providing our own consultants to fill skills, resource gaps and cross-training

Architecture Blueprinting Service

Our service helps detail all the necessary stakeholder views of any state of an Enterprise Architecture, current state, future state or any transitional state.

Views may include:

  • A Core diagram showing how the Application Architecture, Information Architecture and Technology Architecture support the Business Capabilities.
  • Integration View.
  • Information Security View.
  • Other Views as needed.

IT Asset and Financial Management

We help companies reduce and control IT equipment costs dramatically.

Through standardization, proper documentation and loss detection, you can mitigate risk, improve your inventory control and support strategic decision-making.

Business and IT Strategy Alignment

Our service provides advice on creating competitive advantages by leveraging IT to transform business operations. Our consultants speak the language of business and IT to provide:

  • Holistic analyses of an IT organization, including business-IT alignment, technology, operations, governance and processes.
  • End-state definition, including target portfolio, infrastructure, governance, Program Management Office, architecture, strategic sourcing and staffing models.
  • Cost-benefit analysis to evaluate value proposition.
  • Near-term and long-term implementation roadmap from current to desired future state.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Our systematic approach to portfolio rationalization helps determine the best option for each IT application or asset analyzed based upon its value. Options range from retention, to application phase-out, to remediation (rewrite) or outsource. Services include:

  • Align business-IT so that IT works on what’s most valuable
  • Establish a quantitative baseline of the efficiency and effectiveness of the current application landscape for better decisions
  • Effect changes in the application portfolio (retirements, consolidation) for immediate payback
  • Provide valuable input to senior management to improve IT organizational effectiveness

Information Architecture Services

From strategy to delivery, our Enterprise Information Management practice offers:

  • Strategic, advisory and management consulting across Enterprise Information Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Strategic, advisory and implementation services for next generation technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Mobile and Cloud BI
  • Enterprise performance management solutions spanning business strategy and enterprise metrics definitions
  • End-to-end information management services including data management, data integration, data quality and data governance

Business and Target Operating Model

CellVTX provides advice on creating competitive advantage by transforming business and target operating models. Our consultants speak the language of business and IT to ensure the business model, operating model and people/organization model are aligned. Our consultants focus on the following topics:

  • How do we ensure the target operating model optimally supports the business strategy?
  • How does the new target operating model improve the way the organization, the business processes and IT work?
  • What are the near-term and long-term implementation roadmaps, from current to desired future state?

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Our consultants define digital business strategies aligned to business objectives leveraging the latest digital capabilities to produce sustainable competitive advantage. We focus on addressing key issues:

  • Do we have a digital strategy that is adaptive, generates value and considers new business models?
  • Where do we stand in being “Digital” compared to our competitors?
  • How can Digital Strategy be incorporated into our product development process?
  • How can we increase digital commerce to help maximize revenues?
  • How does our financial position change with a new digital operating model?

Global Sourcing Transformation

To help you realize the maximum benefits of outsourcing, we use a science-driven, holistic approach. Our method includes use of context-specific analytical models for application development, application management, IT infrastructure services, ERP and business processes.

Our modeling helps define the areas that could be outsourced and includes the sourcing model, transition plan and staffing model. You’ll receive a detailed plan of an IT outsourcing strategy along with a cost benefit analysis.

IT Cost Optimization

Cost transparency enables you to make informed decisions on where costs can be reduced without compromising on business transformation. Using multiple tools and accelerators, we can help you meet cost-cutting objectives while preserving ongoing business performance.

IT Organization & Operating Model

IT departments must be organized to meet current business objectives while at the same time stay flexible in order to adapt to change as the business requires. We work with you to define operating models aligned to business objectives and industry best practices through:

  • A cost-benefit analysis defining core organizational functions, roles and staffing levels and identifying areas for cost optimization, including global sourcing and creation of shared services.
  • An implementation roadmap, including a change management plan to reach the desired state.
  • A strategy for risk mitigation.

Why CellVTX?

Maturity you can trust

We have a team of TOGAF certified and decade’s experiences enterprise architects in the field of enterprise and solution architecture. We offer independent, pragmatic and practical advice, support and leadership in applying best Architecture Services (EA) practice, methods and frameworks to your organization.

Expertise at every level

We provide expertise at the enterprise, domain and solution architecture levels, assisting with initiatives at enterprise, programme or project level as required.

Iterative and value based

Our approach to architecture is based on eliciting and clarifying stakeholder concerns, quantifying problems and working iteratively so that value is delivered as soon as possible.

Support or leadership – it’s up to you

You can engage us to provide support, complementing your team during peak periods of demand. Alternatively, you might like to engage us in a leadership role, where we use our skill and expertise to drive your Enterprise Architecture (EA) project.

By implementing our comprehensive suite of industry-specific enterprise architecture services—tailored to support each client as needed—many organizations are able to reduce their direct information technology costs by up to 30 percent, while gaining an additional 10 to 50 percent savings from cost avoidance and risk reduction.

CellVTX provides:

  • Business and technology strategy advice and expertise: Enterprise architectures that support business outcomes, accelerated by our enterprise architecture methodology to minimize duplication of effort and accelerate time to value.
  • Industry-specific and standards-compliant architecture assets, tools and methodologies: Using proven end-to-end, industry-focused High Performance Business assets we can jump-start the early stages of enterprise architecture development, including business and operating model development. We accelerate change programs and position teams to realize business benefits faster.
  • Global reach: Accenture has deep experience working on complex enterprise architecture projects for leading global organizations.

Our services include:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development.
  • Enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models.