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On Device Multiplayer Server

A Multiplayer game server that co-exists with each Client Interface (CI) on player device. CI is easy to integrate with your app or game code or layer and maintains user info (login), server state, and connection info. On the other hand, server component or instance maintains lobby service, game state or event, ranking and leaderboard. 

Server instance is not always on running state on client device. It acts as server only when there is no active server available over the network (wifi or internet or BT) that a player wants to connect or play on or when it receives parent request for becoming server, to share the additional loads or connections or taking over the existing connections when it is going offline or logoff. This way, 10 devices can mutually handle 100 simultaneous connections (for example) and hence scalable to unlimited connections as player or device increases across the network (locally or remotely) on the same lobby sessions or different lobby sessions.

All devices on the same lobby session, have seamless data of user info, game state, connection info, ranks and leaderboard scores. So there is less chance of missing or losing data, especially connections and game states when any device is going off or out of network coverage area or player is logging out.


No server environment and infrastructure required and hence no cost for  the same.

No server operational and  maintenance cost

No game registration, only integration

Easy to integrate (few lines of code) with business logic

Full access of user configuration/registration, ranking and leaderboard scores to authorized integrator.

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