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Mobile Application UI Design


CellVTX has a dedicated creative design team. This team, focuses on to provide simple, optimum and effective user interface design for your business solutions, specifically in mobile application.

In order to do UI designing successfully, CellVTX's creative team sits down you, to identify and understand the requirements of an application and users. This way, user centered designing once done appropriately helps in cutting down the costs and also increases the amount of user satisfaction and productivity.

CellVTX's UI Design Service includes UI Wireframes or Prototypes, application logo, background or themes, splash screen or banners, catalogs, other 2D/3D graphics or images (buttons, labels, boxes, lines,navigation images, tabbar images, etc.)

While UI designing CellVTX follows the following Mobile UI Principles:

The interface should be easy to use from the very first time the user interacts with it

In a perfect User interface, user should never be allowed to commit mistakes

The interface should be simple, and unnecessary functionality should be avoided

The visual design and the layout should be easy and uncluttered

Visibility of the important information should be maximum

Users should be always in control of the interface

The navigation should always be narrow and shallow

The vertical scrolling should be minimized as much possible and horizontal scrolling should be avoided

Useful and interactive error messages should be provided to users

It should be ensured that the system response time is fast

Wizards should be used to simplify complex interactions

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