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Android BSP Porting and Native Development Services


Having a dedicated Android team working on the Android for "Industrial Handhelds", "Mobile phone targets" and "Devices", CellVTX Offers the followings:

Android BSP Porting
CellVTX offers Android BSP porting services for customized ARM target boards. Porting the base Linux kernel, required for Android and the complete Android stack for the target boards, is done by CellVTX. CellVTX’s Android BSP team has experience with Android on development platforms based on the Marvell XScale, TI OMAP/Sitara processor and Qualcomm Product.

Android Device Driver Development
CellVTX's Team has an excellent experiences in Linux Driver Development . CellVTX has extended its Driver expertise to Android platforms as well.

Android driver development involves developing/porting drivers for customer chosen peripherals that are already supported by the Android Stack. Some of these devices are:

  • GSM/GPRS Module
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • USB Devices
  • SD Memory Card
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Audio
  • LCD & Touch Screen    

CellVTX can port or develop drivers for Android that work in cohesion with the Android Middleware and Applications seamlessly.

The driver development for Android, especially for Industrial Handhelds and devices may involve developing complete drivers and Android HAL, Libraries and Applications for some peripherals. These peripherals are not inherently supported by Android. Some of these peripherals include:

  • CAN Controller
  • ADC
  • GPIO lines 
  • RS485

CellVTX develops the necessary low level drivers, Android HAL, libraries and Applications to support these custom devices

Android Application Development
CellVTX has an Android Application Development team that develops custom Android Applications. The Application team’s focus is to develop customized applications for Android Handhelds, Mobile Phones and Industrial Control Devices based on requirements from customers.

Android Based Complete Product Development
CellVTX does complete product development services for a number of different kind of handhelds. CellVTX can design & develop devices as per customer specification and be with the customer from finalizing product specification to design development and prototype manufacturing. CellVTX can help in the followings:

  1. Choosing the right Android components
  2. Writing the suitable Android Applications for the device
  3. Porting the necessary device drivers, etc.

CellVTX offers end-to-end product engineering services for embedded product design and development helping to build affordable solutions in emerging markets.

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