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CellVTX can offer you permanent or temporary technical/technological hands on resources, according to your business needs, anywhere anytime.

CellVTX collaborates with multiple reputed engineering colleges or universities across the country and globally, to make “ready to use” resource pool through its “brain camp” programme where potential engineers are groomed on current and future industry trends and requirements and also make them involved to work on real industrial commercial project with thorough hands on training on various technologies (industry demands) starting from 3rd year of engineering.

How do we give you “ready to use” resource?

Corporate or company sends us the resource requirement request in advance. Our technical panel team sits with your technical hiring panel and understands “to the point” requirements and accordingly filter the resources from pool and make them ready technically, for you to use them from the same day of joining.

So share your requirements and get the hassle free ready resource for your business and avoid longer and tougher hiring efforts and training cost.

CellVTX also has pool of senior resources i.e. Sr. Software Engineers, Technical Leads, Project leads, Architects, DBAs, LoadTest Engineers, Sr. Testing Engineer, who can be deputed on your business demands.

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